My New Oracle Badge

Went out to Reston VA to meet with my new boss, Mike Hichwa, and some of the members of his team. It was a fantastic few days. For one thing, there was no shortage of folks eager to help me get my new Macbook Pro set up. That was especially important since I have used a Windows machine for decades. The Macbook is a beautiful machine and the Mac OS is a joy, but still....lots of adjustments to make. So: a grateful shout out to Christina, Taj and Shakeeb in particular for their patience as I went back to them again and again with questions.

But the first thing I did on arriving at the Oracle offices was to get my badge. I gotta say I was a bit surprised at how excited I was about that. It's been a long time since I've had a new job, and I am pleased as can be to be back "on the inside" at Oracle Corporation.

We're still sorting the details of my responsibilities at Oracle, but I can tell for sure that I will be doing some new and very different things, which you will enjoy greatly!

And so to finish off this post, here's my badge.....


  1. Nice badge! I'm looking fwd to see my boss let me choose Mac OS X according to my wish, until then I must stay on Windows *DEEP SIGH*.


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