Recording of "How to Write PL/SQL Code You Can Actually Read" now available

I recorded the second in my PL/SQL by Feuerstein 2014 webinar series yesterday.

You can access the recording here.

If you were registered for the event, simply provide your email address and log in. But first have the popcorn ready because the show will begin immediately!

If you did not register, provide your email in the Register field. You will then be prompted to confirm it and then have your popcorn ready.

I tried something different with this webcast: rather than spend most of my time in slides, I spent 40 minutes taking a look at spaghetti code and then showing you the cleaned up version.

I am not wildly excited about how it turned out. I would be very happy to read any comments you have about the webinar right here on this blog.

And be sure to sign up for the other webinars, available at the Oracle PL/SQL Learning Library.


  1. I think the webcast went really well. Thank you for the information and techniques.


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