Three New Members of the Oracle Database Evangelist Team

A long, long time ago....I announced that I had been given the honor of assembling a team of evangelists, whose job would be to promote Oracle Database as an application development platform.

In other words, make sure that current and future users fully leverage all the amazing features for developers that are baked into Oracle Database, such as SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Text, Oracle Spatial, edition-based redefinition and more.

I am very pleased to announce that my team has now swelled dramatically from one person (me) to four, with one more to come on board in early 2015.

I will make a more "formal" announcement of our team and our plans in Q1 2015, but for now, I did want to share the joyful feeling I feel.

Drum roll, please....

Todd Trichler, Community Manager

Todd got his start at Oracle working with Partners in Alliances. For over a decade he has been focused on technology outreach, working closely with development to drive "grass-roots" engagements in both Oracle and open source developer communities. He is passionate about family and building community, loves meeting new people and learning new technologies, while sharing what he's learned with others.

Natalka Roshak, SQL Evangelist

It all started with an innocuous student job as a data analyst. It wasn't long before Natalka was firmly hooked on SQL. Since then she's been a developer, a DBA, a RAC guru, and sometimes all of the above at once. She's excited to have an opportunity to share her passion for and knowledge about SQL with others, especially those new to relational technology.

Dan McGhan,  Javascript/HTML5 Evangelist

Dan suffers from Compulsive Programming Disorder, which is believed to be linked to his balding. Having started his development career in the land of MySQL and PHP, he was only too happy to have stumbled upon Oracle Application Express. Since then, he’s dedicated his programming efforts to learning more about Oracle and web based technologies in general. These days he enjoys sharing the passion he's developed for JavaScript and HTML5 with others.

Dan shared his decision to join Oracle on his blog. Read more here.


  1. Great news!

    Nice to see Todd back in the fold also!




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