Practically Perfect PL/SQL - A new video channel for PL/SQL developers!

Let this post serve as the official, groundbreaking, ground-shaking launch of (drum roll).....

This is a new Youtube/Oracle Learning Library channel that will feature my latest and greatest videos on Oracle PL/SQL and more. 

Within the P3 channel, I will set up a number and fill a number of different playlists. 

Four videos in the series are up with more to follow over the next week. might be wondering: why is this channel called "Practically Perfect PL/SQL"?

Let me count the ways:

1. Most important of all, triple alliteration: P3. Humans love alliteration and I like to give them what they want.

2. Sure, I want to talk about the features of PL/SQL, but mostly what I want to do is help developers write the best PL/SQL code they (we) can.  

We all want to be perfect, but since that is not possible, mostly what we will do is strive for perfection. We will try to be "practically" or almost perfect.

It's also a reminder to myself and everyone else writing PL/SQL and reading/watching my stuff, that I sure am not perfect. I violate my own best practices on a regular basis, I make changes in production (oh, say it isn't so, Steven!), I take short-cuts. 

3. Celebrate the practicality of programmers. We are, fundamentally, problem solvers - problem solvers working under deadlines. 

This means that when we hit an obstacle (a bug, bad requirements, changed specifications), we:
  • Never whine.
  • Never criticize another developer, especially if they are no longer on the team.
  • Never complain about users.
That's right: Never. Not us programmers, no. 

We are too practical, too pragmatic, to waste our cycles like that. We simply figure out how to work around the obstacle and get the job done.

I hope you enjoy, and maybe even learn from, the P3 videos. 

But even if you don't, please watch every single one, multiple times, so I get my view counts up really high! 

And do not hesitate to give me feedback, directly on the video page, here on this post, or through an email to


  1. SQL is great I can only say this: DBASE + CLIPPER + ACCESS = SQL

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Not even one reference to Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way? Maybe I did watch that movie too often.
    That said, I subscribed to this youtube channel of course! Looking forward to taking some time this weekend to watch them vids.

  3. I know I watched that movie, and my wife did mention it to me as well. But clearly it didn't make a strong enough impression. :-)

  4. Would you be so kind as to post the code shown in the Practically Perfect PL/SQL series?

  5. Visit and download the file. In the zip, you will find: hardcoding.sql, fullname.pks and fullname.pkb.


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