Welcome, Connor McDonald, to the Oracle Developer Advocates team!

I am very pleased to announce that as of 15 June 2015, Connor McDonald, ACE Director extraordinaire, recognized worldwide for both his depth of knowledge on Oracle Database and his excellent presentations, is now an Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL.

Welcome, Connor!

Connor McDonald has, over the past 18 years, worked with Oracle Database systems in Australia, the UK, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. 

He has co-authored three books, and has been a popular speaker at Oracle conferences around the world, specializing in topics on the database engine, in particular SQL and PL/SQL. He has twice won the Inspirational Speaker award by the UK Oracle User Group in 2009 and 2011.  Whether speaking in a full day seminar to a room of developers, or just a "Hey, check out this cool feature" to the person sitting next to him, Connor has always loved sharing information about technology with others.  

While working for clients over the years, Connor realized that the most satisfying part of his job was seeing others grow and develop their skills in Oracle Database technology, helping them discover the amazing things of which the database engine is capable: so much more that simply the place where the bits and bytes are stored.  

When Connor saw the Oracle Developer Advocate team being formed, he asked himself: "So why not take this to the next logical step, and accomplish the same thing on a larger scale?"

Fortunately for Oracle and the Oracle Database user community, Connor answered that question with: "Yes, why not? Let's do it!" To which I agreed with great enthusiasm.

I greatly look forward to the presentations, videos, quizzes, trainings and more that Connor will be unleashing upon the world. 

As many of you likely know, Connor is tucked away in Perth, Australia, so if you are coming to Oracle Open World, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to congratulate him in person. I sure will!

You can reach/follow Connor as follows:

Email: connor.s.mcdonald@oracle.com
Twitter: @connor_mc_d


  1. \o/

    Can't be too many advocating Yes SQL! :-)

    Good luck, Connor ;-)


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