No More PL/SQL Obsession by Steven Feuerstein on ToadWorld

A month ago, I received this email:
Hi Steven, just to inform you that your "PL/SQL Obsession" page is out of work, answers "Page Not Found"  Maybe Dell has blocked you?
So I thought I would post a note on my blog to clarify matters.

For many years, Quest and then Dell "hosted" my online PL/SQL resources at

I had lots of fun with that page, and am especially grateful to Steve Hilker for helping me keep it current and useful for thousands of PL/SQL developers.

We came up with what I still feel is the best way to describe my relationship to PL/SQL:

PL/SQL Obsession

And for more than a year after I joined Oracle (in March 2014), Dell and I agreed that we should keep the PL/SQL Obsession site intact, with all of my content, even that which they did not own.

But all things - good or otherwise - must come to an end. It's confusing to have me working at Oracle but still seeming to be "at" Dell inside ToadWorld.

So we, ahem, refactored the PL/SQL Obsession page so that it continues to offer PL/SQL resources, but is not tied to me personally, and we turned back on the redirect from, so that you will no longer see a Page Not Found error.

So the bottom line is that you will still find it handy to head over to for PL/SQL resources, but you will find the most current reflection of my PL/SQL activities at:

PL/SQL Home Page - Best starting point
PL/SQL Challenge - PL/SQL Quizzes (and more)
My Books on PL/SQL - published by O'Reilly Media

And of course there are lots of other great resources for Oracle Database developers at:

PL/SQL and EBR Blog - by our distinguished product manager, Bryn Llewellyn
PL/SQL on OTN - with content and the very active discussion forum
ORACLE-BASE - by the irrepressible Tim Hall - fantastic articles and scripts by Adrian Billington
PL/SQL Scripts on LiveSQL - 24x7 access to Oracle Database 12c + code library
Ask Tom - you can still ask, but questions are now answered by Chris Saxon and Connor McDonald of the Oracle Database Developer Advocates team


  1. Obviously Larry and Michael need to merge to instantiate the optimal solution. Until then this seems best.


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