Help Celebrate One Million Answers at the PL/SQL Challenge!

Sometime in the next couple of months, someone will submit the 1,000,000th answer on the PL/SQL Challenge.
And Chris Saxon, member of the AskTom Answer Team, SQL Wizard and Database Design Quizmaster, assures me that he will write a query to identify exactly who that person is (will be).
That's a very nice milestone, so we figured it will be a good time to celebrate. 
We are still sorting out precisely what we will do, but for sure, we will want to feature stories from our players:
  • How the PL/SQL Challenge has helped you in your career
  • High points (or low points) from your activity on the site (I have low points, which I will share, hopefully none of you do!)
  • Interesting stories from the last six years of answering and commenting on quizzes
  • Whatever else comes to mind!
You are welcome to post your stories here or the PL/SQL Challenge blog or email them directly to I will be collating them for publication on the site.
I would also be very pleased to do some video interviews of players, reviewers, etc. After all, we do live in the Age of YouTube.
So if you are open to or interested in that, let me know. 
Steven Feuerstein 


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