While in Chicago for Kscope16...

I've gotten a request or two to recommend places to eat and drink while in Chicago for Kscope16.

Confession: I am a home body, a creature of habit, and definitely not a downtown body. So....I don't have much of any ideas to offer in terms of eating around the conference hotel downtown. But I can certainly share with you some of my favorite restaurants on the north side of Chicago.


Anna Maria's Pasteria - lovely, small, neighborhood restaurant

Via Venetto - I am not sure I have ever tasted anything better than their Fagottini Di Ricotta E Pere 


Andie's - in the heart of Andersonville, we've been going to this restaurant for 20+ years.


Glenn's Diner - excellent seafood, not too expensive, small diner experience

Mariscos El Venero  - Mexican seafood restaurant where Mexicans go. Nothing fancy, but amazing food and great experience overall!


If you really like Indian food and/or culture, you should visit Devon Avenue. It is a remarkable stretch of road in Chicago. Decades ago, predominantly Jewish (and the larger neighborhood, Rogers Park, still has one of the largest concentrations of Orthodox Jews in the country), it has gradually shifted to the Midwest center of "Desi" (Pakistani and Indian) food and culture.

Park and wander. Some restaurants you will be sure to enjoy: Hema's, Udupi, Viceroy.

Plus, I live just a 1/4 mile away - so you can wave to me as you chow down on wonderful food!

Besides Food

I don't know about you, but I get tired of steel and concrete. I yearn for the green. Chicago is justifiably famous for its lakefront parks and trails. The Sheraton is close to the lake, and you should be able to rent a bicycle easily and enjoy lovely Lake Michigan.

In addition, the beautiful Northpark Village Nature Center would make a nice afternoon or morning getaway.


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