Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tips for getting along with your DBA

Developers and DBAs: can't we all just get along?

Sure we can!

We just have to break out of the old routine of

Developer: Hey, DBA, add twelve indexes to make my code run faster!
DBA: Hey, Developer, tune your code to make it run faster!

That is, finger-pointing.

Instead, we need to work together, and developers I am not the least big reluctant to say:

It's up to us, not the DBAs, to take the first steps.

So here are tips on what you, the developer, can do to foster a strong, collaborative and highly productive relationship with your DBA:

1. Ask your DBA for advice. 

"I want to make my code run faster. What do you think I should do?" There's no better to improve a relationship than to show some humility and express interest in the opinions - and knowledge - of others.

2. Do the right thing. 

Learn about the performance-related features of PL/SQL (and SQL) and apply them. Here are some links to help get started:

PL/SQL Optimization and Tuning (Doc)
High Performance PL/SQL Videos
SQL Analytics Videos by Connor McDonald
Introduction to Indexing Videos by Chris Saxon

3. Give your DBA a heads-up when your pattern of writing code changes. 

Utilizing new and different features of PL/SQL can have a ripple effect on memory consumption and overall application performance. Don't blindside your DBA.

For example, you learn about executing "bulk SQL" from PL/SQL. So cool! So powerful! And potentially a big PGA memory suck, through the use of collections.

Or you discover the Function Result Cache. Another very exciting enhancement added in 11.1. "Hey, I'm going to add the RESULT_CACHE clause to 100 functions. So easy!" Yes, but you might kill overall database activity with latch contention.

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