Oracle AskTOM Office Hours: free, live Q&A sessions with Oracle experts!

The Oracle AskTOM website is one of the go-to forums to get your questions answered on Oracle Database technology. For many years, it was managed singlehandedly by the legendary Tom Kyte. Since retirement in 2015, questions have answered by an expanded answer team of Chris Saxon, Connor McDonald and Maria Colgan. Chris and Connor are members of my Oracle Developer Advocates team, which also maintains and enhances the AskTOM site.

And we sure have been enhancing! In fact, we just released version 4 of the site, which adds a whole new, exciting program: Office Hours.

Office Hours offers scheduled, live Q&A sessions with a wide variety of Oracle Database experts, from product managers to evangelists and even developers. All ready, willing and able to help you get the best out of Oracle technology. 
And the best part: AskTOM Office Hours sessions are 100% free! 
AskTOM Office Hours continues the pioneering tradition of Ask TOM. Launched in 2000 by Tom Kyte, the site now has a dedicated team who answer hundreds of questions each month. Together they’ve helped millions of developers understand and use Oracle Database. 
To take advantage of this new program, visit the Office Hours home page and find an expert who can help. Sign up for the session and, at the appointed hour, join the webinar. There you can put your questions to the host or listen to the Q&A of others, picking up tips and learning about new features. 
Each session will have a specific focus, based on the presenter’s expertise. But you are welcome to ask other questions as well.
Stuck on a thorny SQL problem? Grill Chris Saxon or Connor McDonald of the Ask TOM team.
Want to make the most of Oracle Database's amazing In-Memory feature? Andy Rivenes and Maria Colgan will take you through the key steps.
Starting a new job and need to get up-to-speed on Multitenant? Patrick Wheeler will help you get going.
Struggling to get bulk collect working? I, too, will be online at least once a month to help.
Our experts live all over the globe. So even if you inhabit Middleofnowhereland, you’re sure to find a timeslot that suits you.
You need to make the most of Oracle Database and its related technologies. It's our job to make it easy as possible for you to do so.
AskTOM Office Hours: Dedicated to Customer Success
View the sessions and sign up now!


  1. Hello Steven & the AskTOM team,

    Is there any possibility to have these Q&A sessions recorded, for later (re)view ?

    That would be a tremendous gain for everybody :)

    Thanks a lot in advance if this can be done :)

    Cheers & Best Regards,


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