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Office Hours June 2020: Exploring the PL/SQL Profilers

The PL/SQL engine offers two profiler utilities to help identify performance bottlenecks in your application: 1. DBMS_PROFILER That's the name of the package that provides an API to the profiler that computes the time that your PL/SQL program spends at each line, in each subprogram . Saves runtime statistics in database tables, which you can then query. 2. DBMS_HPROF The hierarchical profiler; this utility reports the dynamic execution program profile of your PL/SQL program, organized by subprogram invocations. It accounts for SQL and PL/SQL execution times separately. Requiring no special source or compile-time preparation, it generates reports in HTML. You can also store profiler data and results in relational format in database tables for custom report generation (such as third-party tools offer). You can find lots more information about these two profilers in the documentation . In our  June 2nd 2020 Office Hours  session, I am very pleased to have Shashank Barki,