The 2014 PL/SQL by Feuerstein Webinar Series

Now that I am settling in very nicely at Oracle Corporation, after a 22 year absence, it's time to get back to celebrating all the wonderful things you can do with PL/SQL, along with advice about how to best do those things.

I am happy to announce that Oracle Corporation and ODTUG are teaming up to co-host a six-month webinar series on the Oracle PL/SQL language.

The first three webinars, hosted by Oracle, will focus on PL/SQL best practices:
[My apologies about the late notice for the first webcast, scheduled for next week. Like I said: I just got settled in.]

The second set of three webinars, hosted by ODTUG, take on the challenge of mining the PL/SQL language for features and techniques to improve performance:
Whether you are new to PL/SQL or have some years under your belt, attending these six webinars will deepen your expertise and help you think in new and creative ways about how to write fast, maintainable applications.

All webcasts will be recorded and available for viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as electricity powers the Internet.

I hope you can join me!



  1. Hello Steven,

    Are there any news regarding the recording of the 3rd webinar, from Sep 17 ?
    The web page still says "will be available soon" ...

    Thanks a lot & Best Regards,

  2. Ah, thanks for the reminder, Iudith. I will get that done early this week.

  3. Hello Steven,

    Thanks a lot for the additions, I was lucky enough to be able to listen "live" to yesterday's webinar (happening to be at home), and I will be happy to follow after
    the next ones :) :)

    It would be great if I would be able to make a habit and listen (and re-listen)
    at work to the so many webinars available.

    If I think it over, then yes, the Internet is the one that most changed our lives,
    not even the computer alone ...
    If this was for good or for bad ? That is the biggest question to all of us :)

    Thanks a lot again & Best Regards,

    1. Hi Steven,

      Is there a way to view Ten (Other) Tips for Improving PL/SQL Performance? The link above says that the webinar has ended.


    2. Karen, I will get that fixed by early next week. In the meantime, please do watch the video at:


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