Mining the Oracle Database for Cool Appdev Features

One of the key missions of the Oracle Developer Advocate (ODA) is to make sure our users realize how many great features for application developers are packed into Oracle Database.

Sure, there's SQL and PL/SQL - the "big" appdev features. But there are also many other, "smaller" features.

For example, Continuous Query Notification:
Continuous Query Notification (CQN) lets an application register queries with the database for either object change notification (the default) or query result change notification. . . . If a query is registered for query result change notification (QRCN), the database notifies the application whenever a transaction changes the result of the query and commits.
That's very cool, all by itself.

What's even more cool is that Dan McGhan on published a post exploring how to use CQN to implement real-time data delivery to JavaScript applications.

This is exactly the kind of research and resource I hoped the ODA team would do and produce, so kudos to Dan for helping make my vision a reality.

I look forward to lots more of the same from all members of the team.


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