Developer Choice Awards Update: Let the judging begin!

After a one week extension for the nominations period, we have now closed nominations for the first-ever round of Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards.

We have a total of 75 nominations across five categories (SQL, PL/SQL, Application Express, Database Design and ORDS). That's quite a healthy number and we look forward to the judges now winnowing that list down to a set of finalists in each group.

Judges? What judges? Isn't Oracle simply going to decide who the finalists - and then winners - will be?


These are developer choice awards. By this we mean that our users decide the finalists and then vote among the finalists to determine the winners of the awards.

We've set up a panel of judges for each category. Each panel consists of four ACEs and/or ACE Directors, plus one Oracle employee. For example, I am on the PL/SQL panel (surprise!).

And now you are probably wondering: so who are the other PL/SQL judges? And the judges on the other panels?

Ha. You expect us to give away all our secrets? :-)

No, seriously, we are going to release the names of the judges after we publish our lists of finalists, and popular voting begins.

Otherwise, who knows? Judges might start receiving boxes of chocolates flown in by Amazon drones within ONE HOUR of being ordered by a nominee or that nominee's devoted significant other. We can't allow that.

But I do like to recognize initiative. So if you want to influence votes via chocolate, make sure they have nuts in them (see above photo), and send them straight to:

Steven Feuerstein
Chicago, Illinois
Planet Earth

We will announce the finalists on 15 September, and voting will commence until 15 October.

We will then announce the winners of the 2015 Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards at the second annual YesSQL celebration at Oracle Open World 2015.


  1. Hi,

    Sorry i am late.. is there any chance so that i can participate in this competition?

  2. Sorry, amarjot, but it is too late for this year. There is always, however, next year!


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