Optimizing PL/SQL Panel at Oracle Open World 2015 - Questions welcome!

At Oracle Open World 2014, I was a member of a panel on SQL and PL/SQL Performance. It was an awful lot of fun, but as I had expected, most of the questions focused on SQL performance, and most of them were answered by Tom Kyte (no complaints from me!).

I came away with a strong feeling that we should offer separate panels on SQL and PL/SQL, so that each could get the proper amount of attention (or as "proper" as you can get in 45 minutes. Sigh...).

Well, my wish has come true!

There will be a panel on SQL for Functionality, Performance and Maintainability, and its future, and another on PL/SQL:
Optimizing PL/SQL for Performance and Maintainability (CON8416)
Moscone South - 306, Wednesday, October 28th, 13:45 - 14:30
Notice that we are suggesting that when it comes to "optimization," we should all be thinking about more than performance. Performance is, justifiably, a primary concern for any application developer (and DBA), but that doesn't mean it should be the sole concern.

A truly optimal application is also optimized for maintainability - the ability, namely, to fix and enhance that application over time in a way that does not consume too much of the resources of the dev team (such that it is hard to find time to build new apps, always our preference). 

We've pulled together panel that is composed mostly of expert users, not (just) Oracle employees. Sure, Bryn Llewellyn (Distinguished Product Manager, PL/SQL and EBR) will be there. And I will moderate the panel, throwing in my two cents now and then. 

But we are most excited to welcome the following "real world" expert PL/SQL developers to answer questions and share their experiences:
  • Martin Buechi,  Lead Software Architect at Avaloq Evolution AG and 2009 PL/SQL Developer of the Year
  • Kim Berg Hansen,  Senior System Developer at T.Hansen Gruppen A/S and SQL Quizmaster at the PL/SQL Challenge
  • Marcelle Kratochvil,  CTO and Co-Founder of Piction and an Oracle Database multimedia expert
So if you are attending Oracle OpenWorld and you develop applications using PL/SQL, please do join us! We will be taking questions from the audience, but if you cannot attend the session, we also encourage you to post your question as a comment on this post.

We will then answer as many as possible during the session.

Of course, you can always ask a question about SQL and PL/SQL at the OTN Community Forum, or tweet me or Bryn.

Because we all know that Twitter is the best way to discuss complex technology like Oracle Database.



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