PL/SQL Challenge approaches 1,000,000 should we celebrate?

Chris Saxon, the PL/SQL Challenge Database Design Quizmaster and Oracle Database Advocate for SQL and member of Ask Tom Answer Team, reminded me yesterday that the number of answers submitted on the PL/SQL Challenge is getting close to 1M.

Now in the, ahem, good old days, when we had a daily PL/SQL quiz, the 1M barrier would be smashed in short order. These days, with our sweep of weekly quizzes, we have a little more time before the earth-shaking event.

So I thought I'd reach out to my pals in the Oracle Database community - PL/SQL Challenge players and otherwise - and see if you had any fun, interesting ideas of how we might celebrate this milestone.

We've got some thoughts, but I'll hold off on sharing those until I hear from you.


  1. Hello Steven, All,
    This is maybe one of those great moments in life when one should look backward and say: "Yes, indeed, this was a very fruitful period of my life, it gave me a lot and I am really grateful to Steven first of all for having created the PL/SQL Challenge and, then, equally grateful to the entire PL/SQL Challenge community which kept it going: quiz authors, reviewers, players, and, not least, the team which develops, maintains and enhances the pl/sql challenge web site :)".

    What I once suggested in the past and maybe reiterate once again
    was to allow the players specify a little more about themselves,
    first of all, their age, of course, if they are willing to publish it. I was always extremely curious to know who am I competing with.

    Then, it would be nice if the players could take some time and specify a few quizzes that they liked most, along all these years.

    A nice indication in this direction could be produced by using
    the feedback information supplied by players, namely, to extract
    for each player the quizzes that he/she ranked with "5 stars"
    and publish a ranking of those quizzes by the number of votes,
    and possibly, allow us to view the effective list of players
    who voted "5 stars" for each quiz.
    Though feedback information is probably partial, it could however be interesting for those players that "use to compare themselves
    to others", and, I am pretty sure that most players do have their
    own "reference list" of players that they use to followup after ...

    And, if we step over to the realm of dreams ...
    I always dreamed of a great meeting face-to-face of the whole PL/SQL Challenge community ... don't know how, don't know where ...
    This will probably still remain a dream ... but it is so nice to have dreams, when real life offers mostly disappointments ...

    Thanks a lot & Best Regards,

  2. Hello Iudith, I read this now for the first time. (08-08-2018) I want just to say "I enjoy reading it. It is grate!!

    Warm reagards,
    Hamid Talebian


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