Looking for one more evangelist: Oracle Database for Open Source

The Oracle Database Evangelist team currently has two evangelists focused on SQL, one on PL/SQL, and another on Javascript/HTML5. 

Overall, our mission is to show how powerful Oracle Database is as a foundation for application development. And with so much energy and application creation happening in open source communities, we are now looking to hire one more evangelist who has experience with Oracle Database, but is also active in two or more open source developer environments. 

You will find below the description of this position and our ideal candidate, who would not only evangelize Oracle Database into open source communities, but advocate for the needs of those communities back to Oracle development. 

You can apply for this position by following this link.

Oracle Database Evangelist for Open Source

This Oracle Database Evangelist position is first and foremost dedicated to helping open source developers succeed with Oracle.

Each Oracle Database Evangelist is responsible for the creation of high quality and highly entertaining resources for training and education; building a vibrant, engaged global user community; channeling user requirements back to Product Development to enable new generations of developers to fully utilize our technology.

You will be part of an evangelist team responsible for helping users fully utilize the Oracle Database and to promote the use of Oracle Database technologies, including SQL, PL/SQL, Application Express, Oracle REST Data Services, and more.

The ideal candidate:
  • Has a proven track record working with open source developer communities.
  • Has experience working with several of the following communities PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, JavaScript (or related libraries, frameworks, ORMs, CMSs etc for these technologies). 
  • Can explain things in ways people understand and by which they are    inspired
  • Enjoys performing in front of a crowd – and a camera.
  • Likes meeting new people and learning new technologies.
  • Is a user evangelist, representing user needs and issues to Oracle Development teams.
The successful candidate should expect to:
  • Stay current with trends and technologies in their respective communities.
  • Work with development to make sure that there are optimized technologies for using the Oracle Database.
  • Maintain an active online and physical presence within the developer communities.
  • Attend key PHP, Python, Ruby and other open source developer conferences, to present, listen and learn.
  • Act as a router / bridge, between the community and Oracle Product Management and Development.
Location and Travel

The team is distributed geographically; a driven individual could perform this job from home or out of the local Oracle office.  You should expect 25% travel, though the amount of travel will be largely up to you.

If you've been around the Oracle technology community for a while and are looking for a way to contribute more, to have a greater impact, then consider this position.  If you want to help ensure that people in open source development communities can make the most of their investment in Oracle technologies, if you like to help others do what you have learned to do, then apply for this position.


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