Meet (See) the Oracle Database Evangelist Team

We are all out at Oracle Headquarters for meetings this week and yesterday at the BIWA Summit, I was fortunate enough to:

  • Do a YesSQL presentation for the NoCOUG user group.
  • Have Tom Kyte share his thoughts on NoSQL -> SQL -> Not Only SQL -> Maybe SQL -> NewSQL -> YesSQL!
  • Enjoy 30 minutes of stories from Andy Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President, Server Technologies (most notably, Oracle Database).
  • Introduce the evangelist team.
We will publish a video of the session ASAP. Andy wowed the crowd with both thoughts on Oracle history and the current state of relational database technology. 

Bryn Llewellyn, PL/SQL Product Manager, was in the audience and took a nice shot of my team as offered quick introductions.

From right to left:
  • Todd Trichler - Community Manager
  • Natalka Roshak - SQL evangelist
  • Chris Saxon - SQL evangelist
  • Dan McGhan - Javascript/HTML5 evangelist
  • Steven Feuerstein - I forget what he focuses on. Oh, right: PL/SQL
Bryn also offered the following hilarious commentary:

Todd explains the evangelist's stance for an enthralled NoCOUG audience, and Chris demonstrates:

Eyes forward, shoulders back, and hands physically (and who knows, metaphorically too) covering the nether regions. Steven pulls his trousers up, eager to join in. But Dan is not yet convinced. Natalka is captivated by the delivery but bemused by the content.


  1. Hello Steven, All,

    Lots of luck to your entire team, in the benefit of the Oracle community and
    of all those who would like to see technology as a tool for making a better world
    on this planet :) :)

    And, if I am allowed to ask for it in the name of us all, please don't forget to ALWAYS consider your entire world-wide PL/SQL Challenge community members as
    "the 6-th silent Evangelist of your team" :):)

    We are always here, even if not always seen or heared :)

    Thanks a lot & Best Regards,
    Iudith Mentzel

  2. Thanks for that reminder: 6th member. But I very much plan for you all not to be SILENT!


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