Latest Addition to Oracle Database Evangelist Team: Chris Saxon, focus on SQL

Last year (well, last month to be more specific), I announced three new members of the Oracle Database Evangelist Team: Todd Trichler, Natalka Roshak and Dan McGhan.

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing a fourth: Chris Saxon.

Chris Saxon, SQL Evangelist

Over the past ten years Chris has worked as an Oracle developer, DBA and architect. During this time he's built up a passion for interacting with data using SQL and helping others do the same. 

Combining this with a love of games and quizzes, Chris started the design quiz on the PL/SQL Challenge in 2013. 

He's looking forward to helping spread the word about SQL so that people get the most out of their data.

Check out Chris's announcement on his SQLFail blog as well.

As I said in my previous team-expansion announcement, I will make a more "formal" announcement of our team and our plans in Q1 2015, but for now, I did want to share the joyful feeling I feel.

Welcome, Chris! I look forward to a very busy and productive year with you on the team.


  1. Dan McGhan is the man! Great hires all around. Looking at seeing this team in action and educating developers on why they should look at and understand the Oracle DB and its plethora of features to build next generation applications!


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