Contacting players in the PL/SQL Challenge

Just fielded this question:
Hi, Is there any option to drop messages to different user? I would love to take help from all the top users from here.
Yes, I am sure you would love that! Hundreds of really sharp Oracle Database developers answer quizzes on the PL/SQL Challenge.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get in touch with them, with a question?

And the answer is: "You can! But only if they have enabled that option."

For example, the top player in the PL/SQL Challenge in terms of overall points is Stelios Vlasopoulos. He has also taken over 2,000 quizzes - no, wait a minute! over 3,100 quizzes! Wow, Stelio!

And if you click on his name in the Player tab (or anywhere else in the site where his name appears as a link), you will see:

The clue "Contact" link is there because in Stelios' Public Profile Settings, he has enabled contact:

So you can go right ahead and get in touch with Stelios. Of course, if many players abuse this privilege, he and others can turn off the setting.

But in the meantime, do feel encouraged to reach out to other PL/SQL Challenge players and ask for help!


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