Feedback needed for the Oracle Dev Gym dashboard

Waaaaaay back on June 27, we opened up the doors to the Oracle Dev Gym, our next generation website built on the quiz platform that powers the PL/SQL Challenge.

One of the big changes for Dev Gym is a de-emphasis on the competitive aspect of quizzes, combined with making it much, much easier for a visitor to quickly take a quiz from our library of 2000+ quizzes.

So far, overall, feedback has been quite positive, and we are very pleased.

But a number of longtime players have offered feedback like the following:
About Dev Gym: It is much easier to find what you want to do with this layout. The only thing I miss is the Dashboard where I can see at a glance the results of the latest quiz and maybe "Top Players (and You)", especially when I'm not at the first page of the Leaderboard :-)
The home page of the PL/SQL Challenge offers both a dashboard (sorry about this "empty" example, but as a site admin, I cannot compete):

and a Top Players (and You) section:

We will show lots of the Top Players report on our Leaderboard page, no problem there. But we'd like to add a high-level dashboard to the Dev Gym home page.

Requirements for this dashboard include:
  • Simple, clean presentation: keep the amount of text and data to a minimu
  • Make it interesting for both competitive players and those simple wanting to strengthen their skills
So I have decided to ask our players to give us feedback: what would you prioritize for display in the dashboard? Can you point to any other sites that present this sort of data in a way you find helpful, intuitive, dazzling?



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